20 Things I Learnt or did at a Continental convention


Aditya – I learnt how to build a raft and raced it across a river in Sri Lanka!

Maritte – I learnt how to salsa dance on one of the cruises!

Nazneen – I got to visit the red carpet at Cannes that was very memorable.

Geetu – White water rafting was an experience I’ll always cherish.

Ashok J – I got to interact with so many people from the team, the bonding experience was important to me

Neha – The romantic gala dinner in Sri Lanka under the moonlight was the most beautiful thing I’ve experienced in a while.

Riasat – experiencing the Malaysian cuisine on my Continental convention was the most memorable part of the trip!

Ali – It was my first international vacation that is what I hold most dear.

Anil M – I travelled in 2004 and that everything about that year’s convention was perfect, the food, the scenery and the activities we did!

Kirti – The sword fighting I got to visit in Czechoslovakia was very cool.

Shyla – The fact that we immerse into the culture during each convention, I still have my masai mara outfits from our Kenya convention.

Ajay M – At a continental convention, we are pampered, everything from picking me up from my house in a chauffeur driven car to dropping me home, it was all arranged and planned, for me the fact that the company wanted us to feel pampered is a humbling experience

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