What does 20 years of continental mean to you?

Very memorable journey – because I’ve been with the company from the start – It’s been eventful – ups and downs – fulfilling journey

 When you joined and today date – Has the companies values evolved?

Of course – It has been a tremendous change – What we were v/s what we are now, continuously we have grown – we were 9 people we are now 200 people, I feel that I’ve been part of this journey

What hasn’t changed?

The main thing is boss, he hasn’t changed at all – but know of course he tends to be a lot busier but his nature and his entrepreneurial spirit is the same?

What continental has that other brokers don’t have?

Unique is family ties we have, the friendly approach, all are welcome here – Everyone can voice their opinions

What was first day of work like?

First day a small office, I took over personal accident cases and I’ve been doing that – Jumped head in, slowly I entered into the life department

My role has evolved?

Personal accident to medical – Now I focus on life – Then we had a plan called VGA – Voluntary group accident, Dry docks has 1500 policies alone, which I managed.

From personal accident was a major role, I went over to medical – I was doing quotes, and meetings etc.

I helped general insurance with credit and debit notes

I’ve been with life for 10-12 years

Project or client that brings back memories?

Each day has been a memorable journey, everyday has been a learning day – even though I’ve got a lot of qualifications, nothing teaches you more than working in the field.

How has continental changed your outlook?

Because we are brokers – It’s learning all the lines of business – when I was with my previous employer that was a provider it was limiting to their product range alone.

But with Continental – You spread your wings and embrace all providers and learn all the products

Next 20 years?

We will take over the whole UAE and we can look at going global.

Industry opportunities – Now v/s then

Yes, in the last year with all the regulations coming in, there was a lot of freedom, now there is organized opportunity, which means the industry will be more qualified and people will begin to take the industry and our professionals to be seen more seriously

Clients know what they want – They are already fully aware – They question us and ask us why rider like this etc.?


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