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Home Insurance is just not luxury, it’s a necessity.​
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Home Insurance is just not luxury, it’s a necessity.​

Other general insurance policies


Protect your vehicle with the right level of insurance - save money and save yourself from being without a vehicle.


Enjoy travel to the furthest flung destination safe in the knowledge that superior medical care is there should you need it.

Marine and Cargo

Discover the right coverage from specialists who can protect and quickly address damage to ships, cargo, terminals and goods in transit.

Fire and Property

Ensure that your home or business premises can quickly recover from fire, theft and certain weather damage.


Protect your valuable possessions from the intrusion of criminals, with their trail of destruction swiftly rectified.


Ring-fence your business assets and commercial health from the prospect of being sued or held legally liable.


Be confident that your commercial entity is covered in the event of a negligent act or omission.

Personal Accident

Welcome a secure future by protecting you, your family and your income from an unexpected accident.


Take the guesswork out of client payments – protect your business from both non- and late-payments.

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