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Art as an Investment

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If you are an art admirer and enthusiast, investing in art can be emotionally and financially fulfilling. Collecting art was more of a passion till the 16th century until it gradually evolved as a form of long term investment. While a significant part of art investments are still restricted to the elite class, there are ways for you to invest if you cannot afford a blue chip art piece. Listen to our guest speaker James Robert Ellis and our host Anselm Mendes as they enfold the journey of investing in art, from identifying a genuine art to the risks in investment and how you can protect it.

James is the Head of Underwriting for the Private Clients division of AXA Gulf (transitioning to GIG Gulf). He spent the first 16 years of his career in the UK & Europe, working in various technical underwriting roles with wealthy individuals to protect their physical assets. He’s qualified as a Chartered Insurer with the Chartered Insurance Institute and holds a graduate degree in Politics & Economics from Goldsmiths college at the University of London.

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